Persuading people to get hbo9 TV series/10 documentaries/20 movies for free

Recently, according tomedia reports, in order to give people more reasons to stay at home, HBO (The Dark House, “The City of Color”, “Game of Thrones”) announced a free batch of 500 hours of fine TV series, documentaries, movies, users do not need to subscribe to use the HBO client to watch.

Persuading people to get hbo9 TV series/10 documentaries/20 movies for free

Screenshot (from: Warner Media)

There’s no shortage of hit episodes such as “The Dark Family,” “Fireline” and “Vice President,” and HBO’s conscience-free one-off release of all the multi-season slots, withno in the absence of a free season that tempts users to pay more.

The list of free specifics is as follows:

9 TV series

“The Packers” Season 5

“Barry” Season 2

“Silicon Valley” Season 6

“Under Six Feet” Season 5

“The Dark Family” Season 7

“The Battle of Inheritance” Season 2

“True Love Is Blood” Season 7

“Vice President” Season 7

Fireline Season 5

10 documentaries

Legendary Theatre Apollo

Mystery Tracking: The Adnan Affair

Elvis Presley: The Seeker

I Love You, Go To Death Now: Federal War on Michelle Carter

“Blood-stained gold: Silicon Valley blood-testing scam”

Jane Fonda’s Five Acts


True Justice: Brian Stevenson Fights for Equality

Roller-skating Alliance

We Are The Dream: The Kids of the MLK Oakland Oratorical Fest

20 movies

“Twenty-eight Best People Playboy”

“Twenty-eight Best Playboy 2”

Light-blind Youth

“The Dream of The Bridge”

Crazy Stupid Love

The Empire of the Sun

“Unforgettable Paris”

Happy Feet 2

Isn’t it romantic?

“The Big Movie 2”

Midnight Escape

My Puppy Schipper

Nancy Drew and the Hidden Sedition


Detective Pikachu

Little Red Riding Hood

Snow Monster Adventure

“Funny Bird Expats: Mengbao Flying”