Google plans to close the Neighborly app in May as expected due to project failure

Google is planning to shut down another experimental app, Neighbourly, according tomedia Outlet NextWeb. The company said it would close the application on May 12 because the project did not go as expected. The search giant first launched the app in Mumbai, India, in May 2018 to test the area, allowing users to explore the area with the help of local experts. In late November, the company continued to promote the app in several other Indian cities. However, it failed to gain traction, perhaps because it did not have enough users to provide a compelling experience.

Google plans to close the Neighborly app in May as expected due to project failure

In an email to customers, Google noted that the community answered more than a million questions about its location, but the project did not grow as the company had hoped:

We launched Neighborly as a beta app to connect you with your neighbors and make sharing local information more user-friendly and useful. As a community, you work together to celebrate local festivals, share important information during floods, and answer more than a million questions.

But Neighborly didn’t grow as much as we wanted. In these difficult times, we believe we can help more people by focusing on other Google apps that already serve millions of users every day.

Google also points out a local guide for Google Maps to help people in your area find answers about the area.

The announcement comes at an interesting time: Facebook recently launched “Community Help” to allow people to ask for or offer help from nearby communities during the new corona virus crisis.