Google Cloud Launches Memystorore Distributed Cache Service

Google’s cloud platform today released beta testing for a new service called Memystorore, a product compatible with open source Memcached distributed caching technology that provides fully manageable in-memory data storage. Other well-known products in the same family include Redis, which was first launched in 2018.

Google Cloud Launches Memystorore Distributed Cache Service

Gopal Ashok, product manager at Google Memystorore, said in a statement released today:

Redis remains a popular choice for use cases such as session storage, game leaderboards, stream analysis, threat detection, and API rate limiting, while Memcached is often used as a buffer layer for databases.

In addition, developers often use Memcached as session storage. With this new service, developers can increase the cache of each instance in their cluster to 5TB.

Because the service is fully compatible with Memcached, developers can easily port any application that uses the protocol to Google Cloud and its Memorystore distributed caching platform.

As a fully manageable service, Google will help with all the general tasks, including monitoring and patches, even if how to calculate the right cache size is a debatable topic.

Google’s cloud platform believes that its detailed metrics will allow developers to easily scale up and down relevant instances as needed to optimize specific use cases for the service.

These metrics can be displayed in cloud monitoring, centralized monitoring dashboards, and cloud consoles, the company said.

Currently, the Memystorore distributed cache service is available for applications running on Compute Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine , Application Engine (App Engine / Standard) and Cloud Functions.

It’s important to note that Amazon, one of Google’s cloud platform competitors, has a similar ElastiCache distributed cache service, not to mention professional start-ups such as Mem Cachier.

Finally, Redis Labs also offers a fully manageable Memcached distributed cache system that runs on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.