Phone turns into laptop: PhoneBook is crowdfunding on Kickstarter

As the computing performance of mobile phones improves, many people want to use the smartphone as a laptop, so manufacturers like Samsung will come up with solutions similar to the DeX Station docking station. But what we’re going to cover in this article is a crowdfunding PhoneBook on Kickstarter. As the name implies, this “peripheral” integrates the screen, keyboard and other components to facilitate mobile phone users through a single-line connection, the smart phone is extended into a notebook to use.

Phone seconds change laptop: PhoneBook is crowdfunding on Kickstarter

(Instagram via New Atlas)

It’s worth noting that the PhoneBook supports the most commonly used iPhones and Androids on the market today, and you can extend it no matter which system you like.

Users who are used to the phone’s touch-screen operation can also seamlessly switch to the phone Book’s large screen. If you prefer more traditional controls, the full-size keyboard and trackpad will work better.

To make document editing work or SNS chat more efficient, you can even plug your mouse into one of the USB slots. At the same time, the combination of large screen and stereo speakers can also provide an excellent audio-visual viewing experience.

Turn ANY Smartphone Into a Laptop Computer (via)

In recent years, the hand-travel industry has been rapid development, but touch-screen control is not the ideal control solution. Combining a classic keyboard and mouse, the PhoneBook offers a unique advantage for players.

It is reported that this accessory supports “fortnite”, “PUBG”, “Minecraft”, “Candy Crush Saga” and other hand tours, and can play while charging the phone.

If all goes well, the PhoneBook, which is much cheaper than any laptop, is expected to go on sale in December 2019. And in the future, you can easily upgrade its performance by simply changing to a more powerful smart machine.

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