Bezos donates $100 million to poor Americans, but still crushes workers

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will donate $100 million to help starving Americans during the outbreak,media reported. It is one of the biggest donations made by tech industry leaders in response to the crisis, but at the same time, Bezos’s treatment of its warehouse workers has come under increasing criticism.

Bezos donates $100 million to poor Americans, but still crushes workers

Bezos announced Thursday that he will donate $100 million to feeding America, a non-profit organization. The agency operates like a clearing house, which distributes money to food banks across the United States. It was Bezos’ third-largest donation to date.

In the midst of an outbreak, donations like this are exactly what people need. But the billionaire’s philanthropy is increasingly under fire because it diverts attention from legitimate criticism of the way these people make money. Bezos, for example, has drawn criticism for failing to adequately protect warehouse and logistics workers from the outbreak.

However, as far as this contribution is concerned, it may have considerable impact. Feeding America said in a statement that the $100 million “will enable us to provide more food to the millions of neighborhoods that face difficulties in this crisis.” The lives of countless people will be changed by Bezos’s generosity. “

Bezos has been criticised for his relatively stingy charitable giving over the years, but over the past two years he has been generous, making three of his biggest donations to date. The world’s richest man has pledged $2 billion for a new charity project to help homeless people and children get early education. Earlier this year, he also pledged $10 billion to set up a fund to tackle climate change.

Some critics were quick to point out that these were only a small fraction of Bezos’s net worth. A $100 million donation did represent only 0.08 percent of his $120 billion in assets. But it was also pointed out that, given that this was one of the largest donations to date related to the outbreak, criticism of Bezos’s donations amounted to criticism of the amount of all charitable donations in the global crisis.