Microsoft releases another set of new Windows 10 4K themes: “National Geographic Underwater World”

Following the National Geographic Hummingbirds 4K theme, Microsoft has now released another new 4K theme, called “National Geographic Underwater World,” according to foreign media. , users can download it in the Microsoft Store.

It is reported that the National Geographic Underwater World PREMIUM Wallpaper Pack contains a total of 12 beautiful photographs of corals, coral reefs and marine life taken by National Geographic photographers. Obviously, if you have an extra-wide 4K display, it will be very impressive when these 4K wallpapers appear on the desktop.

Unless specifically emphasized, users will need to ensure that they are using Windows 10 version number 14951 or higher in order to download and use these wallpapers from the Microsoft Store. Users can run the unquoted “winver” command in the run dialog box to check which version of Windows 10 they are using.

Like previous 4K themes, this new theme now doesn’t contain any audio or sound enhancements, but provides pure images. When the wallpaper pack is installed, users can simply go to Set-up, Personalization, and select the theme app. Users can also have Windows 10 automatically set the background accent or choose a custom color in a personalized color.

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