Exynos 990 deprecated by Korean S20 for not performing as well as SnapDragon 865 Samsung employees: Shame

Samsung’s Galaxy S/Note “double yolk” approach has been around for a long time, with two sets of processors for The SnapDragon and Exynos for different markets, while components such as baseband and CMOS are always slightly different. Thanks to the fine tuning of the Samsung LSI team, the difference in performance between the two flagship SoCs is small, and even Exynos is slightly ahead of some of its children. However, entering the snapSnapdragon 865 and Exynos 990 generation, things seem to have changed dramatically.

Exynos 990 deprecated by Korean S20 for not performing as well as SnapSnapdragon 865 Samsung employees: Shame

Infographic (from: Samsung)

This year’s Galaxy S20 series was launched in South Korea with the SnapSnapdragon 865 instead of its usual home Exynos. Samsung Mobile said several performance reviews found that the Exynos 990 fell short of expectations and that the SnapDragon865’s overall energy efficiency was even more advantageous,media reported.

Because 5G phones are so important to Samsung, they make more secure and competitive choices.

The report said colleagues from Samsung LSI’s South Korean and U.S. teams, which developed Exynos, said they were “humiliated” and that this had not happened despite their attempts to say that the mobile division had taken back lives.

In terms of specifications, the Exynos 990 uses a self-researching dual-core plus 2x A76-5x A55 CPU design, GPU with Mali G77 MP11, 7nm EUV process, and external Exynos 5123 Full Netcom 5G baseband.