Google Doodle offers tips for making the most of most of your time in home isolation

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage around the world, the popular medical idea is that everyone can help slow the spread of the disease by washing their hands regularly and keeping their social distance in and out of public places, but most importantly by “taking refuge in place,”media CNET reported.

Google Doodle offers tips for making the most of most of your time in home isolation

At present, the number of new crown pneumonia diagnosis has exceeded 1 million, the world’s governments have ordered residents to self-isolation at home, closed non-essential public places and so on. Globally, billions of residents have been forced to stay at home to minimize the risk of transmission of the new coronavirus and slow the spread of the epidemic.

Google on Friday released Doodle to highlight some of the beneficial activities people can do without leaving the shelter. “Stay at home,” Doodle said. Save lives. Helps stop the new coronavirus. “

The letters in Google Doodle are all safely confined to the home, showing the Capital G letters relaxing in reading, while the other letters are singing and exercising. And the two letters in the graffiti even make love connections through mobile phones. Doodle is also linked to useful information about the disease and its symptoms, social security practices and updates.

Almost since its inception, Google has been flooded with artwork on its search pages to draw attention to famous people, events, holidays and anniversaries. Google often focuses on medical heroes, including Dr. Virginia Apgar, who developed a quick way to assess the health of newborns, and Dr. Rene Favalor, a cardiologist who pioneered coronary artery bypass surgery. Google last month dedicated dr. Ignaz Semmelweis to hand-washing pioneers, in response to recent widespread concerns about the new coronavirus that caused COVID-19.