Google invites wounded veterans to create Veterans Day Doodle

On Monday, local time, is Veterans Day in the United States, where Americans will stop to pay their respects and thanks to those who served in the U.S. military, foreign media reported. Google also usually pays tribute to this group on this day of the year through Doodle. Many of these servicemen have changed their lives because of their injuries, both physically and emotionally.

Google invites wounded veterans to create Veterans Day Doodle

It is reported that this year’s Google Doodle artist Pete Damon, who was also a soldier who served in the country, has retired and suffered very serious injuries while serving.

In 2003, Damon worked as a helicopter mechanic during the Iraq war, losing part of his arms during a mission. For the veteran, art was a cure, and it later became his profession.

Google invites wounded veterans to create Veterans Day Doodle

Damon’s painting is called “Pay Tribute.” In the painting, two children in camouflage uniforms and sailor hats are planting American flags on the grass. For Damon, it’s a familiar picture: “I’ve been painting children’s flag-laying pictures for some time. “

Damon said he watched many of the children take part in similar patriotic events on Veterans Day, usually with small flags in large playgrounds in public places, “and I think the scenes that honor veterans are very moving and meaningful.” “

Although Damon said he was honored to be invited to the project, he had some concerns about it, but he would do his best to complete the task anyway. “I want this work to make people aware of and appreciate the personal sacrifices that all those who have served in the military have made to protect the freedom of all Americans.” I particularly hope that people will realize the importance of educating children to respect their service. “

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