Hangzhou Gov : Business Can Receive up to 300,000 Subsidies

On November 10, 2019, the 2019 Hangzhou International Talent Exchange and Project Cooperation Conference opened at the Hangzhou International Expo Center, and the first “Talent Entrepreneurship Insurance” in Zhejiang Was itofficially opened at the Yuhang branch. It includes scientific research insurance, maker insurance, science and technology E insurance three, the annual insurance rate can be as low as 3%, the amount of insurance up to 10 million yuan.

Entrepreneur Gospel: Hangzhou Business Failure Can Receive up to 300,000 Subsidies

One of the creators of insurance, the failure of the start-up of the creator, by the relevant departments identified, the creator team to give a living allowance, each person a living allowance of up to 30,000 yuan. Hangzhou Yuhang District Government can provide up to 300,000 yuan, 100% premium subsidies according to the category of talent and project level.

Talent entrepreneurship insurance can be said to be exempt from the worries of entrepreneurs, in fact, entrepreneurs in Hangzhou has been holding a positive and open attitude. Yuhang District has always encouraged the public to innovate, entrepreneurship, and spare no effort to strengthen the construction of special talent zones.

On the spot, also awarded the “Nobel Prize Workstation of Notai Biological Research Institute”, Hangzhou International Talent Entrepreneurship And Innovation Park (Yuhang Park), Zhejiang Yuhang Human Resources Service Industry Park, Hangzhou International Talent Club Yuhang Center and other important entrepreneurship and innovation carriers.

The scene also connected the overseas “thousand-mile horse station” and awarded 7 new stations, 5 new Bole, highlighting Yuhang’s thirst for overseas high-level talent and the active exploration of multi-channel talent.

In addition, Yuhang formulated and issued “66 Innovations in the Whole Region”, formed a complete talent policy system covering three major areas, such as entrepreneurship, innovation and security, and established a more than 10 billion yuan “government fund and sub-fund and social capital” talent project support fund.

Up to now, Yuhang has introduced and cultivated more than 4,800 overseas high-level talents, including 147 “national overseas high-level talents” and 200 “provincial overseas high-level talents”.

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