Microsoft Flight Simulation releases 1.2.5 Alpha version

A few weeks ago, the development team revealed what would happen to the Alpha version of Microsoft Flight Simulation. Now, with the release of the version, Thessner 152 is finally ready to take off. In addition, training missions support basic attitude handling, meter viewing, and take-off/cruise/landing. Multiplayer supports grouping, you can add friends and click to join on the world map, and Live Events often switches to different types.

Microsoft Flight Simulation releases 1.2.5 Alpha version

(Pictured: Tomlaut1980)

In addition to appeasing community players with too few slots on the model, the development team has refined other core features, as well as peripheral handling feedback.

Up to now, Microsoft Flight Simulation has made improvements involving aircraft, airports, air traffic control, multi-angle flight perspective, multiplayer games, aircraft models, user interface and so on.

Of course, there are some unsolved issues, such as some jets on the wrong tarmac, trees sometimes overlapping with buildings, and buildings that have disappeared at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.

There are also over-the-top animations where the frame rate drops a little, the ground rendering of large airports too caton, TTS voice and subtitle mismatches during flight training, and so on.

Microsoft Flight Simulation releases 1.2.5 Alpha version

(Pictured: SteffoHD)

An interested alpha tester can check for the installation of version 1.2.5 updates by launching the current version. If you regret not being called up for the test, be aware that Microsoft has committed to expanding its testing team in the coming days.

Finally, Episode 8 of the Feature Discovery series has been postponed until late April or early May, a new version of the feedback snapshot will be available to Insider participants next week, and the partner series is still scheduled for mid-April.