Hope Moon’s new ABC guess will be published in its editor-in-chief’s journal

Eight years later, the ABC hypothesis proof of Aegon, a mathematician at Kyoto University in Japan, has been accepted to be published in its editor-in-chief journal, Publications of the Research Institute for MathIUs Sciences ( RIMS). Eight years ago, Wang Yuexin published a five-six hundred-page paper that proved ABC’s hypothesis.

ABC’s guess involves the relationship between prime numbers, additions, and multiplication, proposed by David Masser and Joseph Oesterle in 1985, and ABC refers to equations such as a-b-c, which involve the concept of no squares. The paper was late lying, and mathematicians spent years trying to understand it.

Peter Scholze, a 2018 Fields Prize winner and mathematician at the University of Bonn, and Jakob Stix of the University of Frankfurt, have published papers that suggest there are “irreparable loopholes” in the new paper. Wang Yue ignored the criticism and responded simply that the two mathematicians did not understand his paper. Now that the paper is accepted and published in a journal, it doesn’t mean that the mathematical world has changed its mind.                     

Hope Moon's new ABC guess will be published in its editor-in-chief's journal