No infection, no rest: Italian hospital suing ‘robot nurse’ to care for new crown patients

According tomedia reports, recently, the northern Italian city of Varese has launched six “robot nurses” to care for patients with new corona pneumonia, they will not be infected, and do not wear protective clothing, as long as full of electricity can continue to work. Circolo Hospital, the largest hospital in the city of Varese, is understood to have six robots installed at the bedside of patients with new crowns.

It is reported that the robot body type and children similar, mainly arranged in the intensive care ward, can monitor the parameters of the monitoring equipment synchronous to health care workers, patients can also record messages through the robot sent to doctors. They don’t need to rest and can continue to work after a quick charge.

“These robots are like nurses who are not infected with a virus, and working in the wards can reduce direct contact between health care workers and patients and reduce their risk of infection,” said Francisco Dandali, director of intensive care at Circolo Hospital. At the same time, it also saves the hospital masks and protective clothing. “

At first, Dandaly said, patients were not optimistic about the response to the robot, especially older patients, and only began to accept it after explaining the use of the robot to them. At present, each robot can take care of 2 patients.

No infection, no rest: Italian hospital suing 'robot nurse' to care for new crown patients