Steam players rise to 24m Windows 7 shares at lowest level in 10 years

Microsoft stopped extending support for Win7 on January 14 this year, and Win7’s share of the decline is certain. Win7’s share of Steam plunged 5.72 per cent in March, falling below 7 per cent for the first time, its lowest level in a decade. As Europe and the US began to close their homes, the number of users on various online platforms grew in March, even more so, with the number of people online peaking at 24m, up about 20% from the previous month.

The increase in gamers caused a sharp swing in the OS system in March, starting with a 0.69 percent drop in the total share of Windows and a 0.65 percent increase in the share of Mac OS, which means a large number of Mac users are also joining the game.

Steam players rise to 24m Windows 7 shares at lowest level in 10 years

Within Windows, Win10’s share was 85.69 percent, up 5.32 percent from a month earlier, while Win7 X64’s share was just 6.67 percent, down 5.72 percent, a drop far more than the usual 1-2 percent. Even the month win 7 stopped supporting it, it didn’t fall so much.

This phenomenon can only be explained by the use of the Win10 system by most of the new players, which significantly changes the ratio of Win10 to Win7.

This is the lowest share of the Win7 system on Steam in 10 years, not even a 10% chance of slowly falling, straight to 7%, even 32 Win7 is the same plunge, although the share is negligible.