Warner has two superhero games that have been cut, one of which is similar to “Marvel Spider-Man.”

“Batman: Arkham Knight” has been on sale for four years, and Warner hasn’t announced the new DC game, but insiders have recently tweeted that Warner has been making two “Superman” themed games since 2013, but for a variety of reasons both have been cut.

James Sigfield, an insider, tweeted that Warner had been working on an open-world superhero game since 2013, much like Marvel Spider-Man, which included a host of villains in the Cosmopolitan and DC universes. But unfortunately the work was cut off by Warner before it was first developed.

Some of the settings for this similar work to “Marvel Spider-Man”:

In addition, Warner has produced another “Superman” game since 2014, called “Superman: Breaking Free”, which wants to follow the path of comics and animated movie games of the same name, and this one has watered down the elements of the open world, which will take place in a city called “Kandor” on the star and similar to the metropolis, in comics. Kandor” is a shrinking city covered in “cans” by the villain Breniak, and the DC villain “Day of Destruction” will become the villain of the book.

“Superman: Breaking Free” Concept Map

Kandor in Comics

“Superman: Breaking Free” Set Chart

Soon, however, “Superman: Breaking Free” was quickly hidden by Warner, who wanted the production team to use the game engine of “Batman: Arkham Knight,” but apparently Unreal 3 was not a good fit for the Superman game.

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