Microsoft Surface Duo’s New Play Show: Two-Screen Collaboration

April 4 (UPI) — Microsoft’s first production, Surface Duo, is ready to return to the mobile phone market, but the release date may be delayed due to the outbreak and is expected to be released in the second half of the year, according to Phone Arena. As the surface’s first smartphone, one of surface Duo’s biggest points of view is its dual-screen design, which has a 5.6-inch screen size and a resolution of 1350 x 1080, and expands the field of view to 8.3 inches, though there is a hinge connection between the two screens, so there’s a sense of cleavage.

Recently, Microsoft engineers showed developers a new way to play Surface Duo: multi-screen collaboration. With Surface Duo’s dual-screen physical advantages, the APP has more possibilities on Surface Duo.

As shown in the figure, Surface Duo supports single-screen, dual-screen display of the same APP, and supports horizontal, vertical display of the same APP, the advantage is that the APP function is all rendered, no sliding operation.

Microsoft Surface Duo's New Play Show: Two-Screen Collaboration

Of course, this feature will also require Microsoft and APP developers to work together to adapt, Microsoft in 2019 to show the device to have more time to adapt the software ecosystem.

The Surface Duo is equipped with Qualcomm’s SnapDragon 855 flagship platform, and it’s unclear whether it will upgrade to the SnapSnapdragon 865 platform.

In addition, Surface Duo supports the Surface Pen and can be considered an Android tablet.