IBM launches Waston Assistant for Citizens service to help fight new coronavirus outbreak

To help address the pressing issues surrounding the new coronavirus outbreak, IBM announced in a press release that it will open the 90-day Watson Assistant for Citizens service free of charge. Researchers in need can access it on the web or mobile phone to make some research breakthroughs with the IBM Institute’s natural language processing and Watson Discovery technology.

IBM launches Waston Assistant for Citizens service to help fight new coronavirus outbreak

While helping government health care providers deliver critical information to the public is still a top priority, industries are also looking for ways to drive digital research, says Rob Thomas, ibm’s general manager of data and artificial intelligence.

Today’s news means IBM will use natural language processing and other advanced artificial intelligence technologies that have helped thousands of businesses and institutions around the world over the years to better address the global public health crisis caused by COVID-19.

In these uncertain times, IBM is eager for AI to be a right-hand man for researchers.

Watson Assistant for Citizen is expected to leverage the various external data sources available and will include precise guidance from the CDC and local authorities.

The company is currently offering the service across the United States and has partnered with institutions around the world in the Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Italy, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom.

If you’re interested in Watson For Citizens, check out the details (portal) on the official website, and IBM shares a link to the Watson Assistant service available to businesses.

Of course, IBM isn’t the only technology company dedicated to curbing the spread of the new corona virus. Earlier, Microsoft announced that its global supply chain team had supplied a shipment of urgently needed supplies, including protective gear and thermometers.

Apple and Facebook have donated millions of masks to European health care workers, and RAZER, Tesla and SpaceX have revamped their production lines to provide special needs such as medical masks and ventilators.