“Pokémon Sword & Shield” limited Switch Lite out of the box red and blue button

Unlike last year’s Nintendo Switch, a limited version of Pokemon Go’s Go Pikachu/Ibu, this year’s “Pokemon: Sword/Shield” limited version of Switch Lite is released earlier than the game, and there is no digital version of the game in the console. Today (11) the day tube broadcaster The LevyEnd also released the Sword Shield Limit NSL’s out-of-the-box video for small partners who are hesitant to start.

“Treasure Dream: Sword/Shield” Limited Switch Lite Out of The Box Video:

Since it does not contain the game, and does not come with additional products such as Pokemon Ball Plus, there is no difference between the internal packaging of the Sword Shield-limited NSL and the ordinary NSL, the difference lies only in the host body.

The limited version of the body is light gray, than the standard three-color gray version is much lighter, the back of the sword shield double god sage and Zamazenta pattern in the darker light is not obvious. The brightest of the qualifiers is also the front button color matching, red and blue two-color matching is very conspicuous, full of recognition.

Video screenshot:

“Treasure Dream: Sword/Shield” will be officially released on November 15, for those who want to play the first time, the pre-load of eShop suits has been turned on, taking up about 9.5G of space.

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