Apple promotes HomePod to employees at half price

Apple is currently launching a special promotion for its employees, according tomedia reports. The HomePod, which used to retail for $299, can now be purchased at half price by Apple retail stores and company employees: $149.50. Media further pointed out that this special employee discount is not unprecedented, but it is not uncommon. Apple is likely to “try” to reduce homePod inventory before the rumored product update. While the HomePod’s sound quality has been widely praised, its high price is not much superior to the smart speaker market.

Apple promotes HomePod to employees at half price

In fact, HomePod’s inventory seems to be difficult to clean up for some time. Customers are still likely to walk into retail stores and buy HomePods that will be made in early 2019 or even 2018.

The HomePod went on sale in February 2018 for $349. And, about a year after its launch, Apple reduced the price to $299, further indicating that the device was not off the shelf. Analysts estimate that Apple has sold about 5-10 million HomePods since its launch.

Apple has since slowly rolled out the device to new countries, and in late January apple said the HomePod would be available in India. Three months later, HomePod’s Indian Apple Store page still appears as “Check later for availability.” (Coronary viruses may affect product distribution, but HomePod is not Apple’s top priority in stabilizing its supply chain.) )

Recent reports suggest that Apple is working on a new HomePod model, which could be released as early as this year. Apple is expected to expand its range by offering cheaper smart speaker products, such as the HomePod mini or similar.