Midmark launches RTLS badge scan scan scans nurse can use to track patient’s recovery

When patients recover from surgery, they are often encouraged to take a walk in the hospital corridor,media New Atlas reported. Scientists have now found that by reusing existing equipment, it is possible to determine how much patients listen to the advice. Nurses at many hospitals have worn badges that emit infrared beams that are detected by sensors mounted on the ceiling of the building. This makes it possible for doctors or other staff to know their location at any time.

Midmark launches RTLS badge scan scan scans nurse can use to track patient's recovery

Led by Dr. Antony Rosen, a team from Johns Hopkins Hospital decided to see if the same technique could be used to track the frequency, distance and speed of a patient’s postoperative walk.

For the study, they used the RTLS (Real-Time Positioning System) badge produced by Midmark. The badges were hung on the robes of 100 patients who agreed to participate in the study. Most are men, with an average age of 63.

In most cases, subjects were told to leave the room and walk through the hallway three times a day. But in fact, mobile data show that only a quarter of them have met this requirement. More importantly, the analysis of the data showed an accuracy rate of more than 90 percent in predicting a patient’s 30-day readmission rate, likelihood of being discharged from home or in a rehabilitation center, and length of stay.

A paper on the study, recently published in the journal JAMA Network Open, was also led by physicians Peter Searson and Charles Brown.