Amazon plans to launch a cloud gaming platform codenamed “Project Tempo”

Amazon is planning to launch a cloud gaming platform code-named Project Tempo, which will go live as soon as this year,media reported. Amazon’s positioning for the Project Tempo platform is to compete with Google’s Stadia, Microsoft’s Project xCloud and NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW.

Amazon has a larger data center and network services than its rivals, and is ready to bring these advantages into the game space to ensure minimal latency for the best gaming experience for players.

Gaming revenue is expected to exceed $160 billion by 2020, more than double the size of the global record industry (about $19 billion) and the global box office (about $43 billion). Given the current situation, video games have become more popular as people in most parts of the world stay at home to cope with the new coronavirus outbreak.

Next month, Amazon’s game studio’s five-year-old production of the large-scale MMORPG game New World will be launched, unlike the traditional MMORPG game, which allows thousands of players to battle the city at the same time. Under the amazon cloud technology, “New World” into a siege of the number of players will not be capped, will not be due to the increase in the number of screens caused by the player’s computer card, even the small king learning machine can attack the city.

From the user’s point of view, the most direct cloud game is to transfer complex rendering, computing and other work from the player’s terminal to the server of the cloud platform, so you don’t need any powerful hardware devices to play the latest 3A masterpieces. Therefore, many people think that the future game consolewill will be completely replaced by cloud games.