Tesla surveillance system upgrade: Let the “china-toucher” nowhere to be seen

With the popularity of new energy vehicles in our lives, safety and anti-theft has become a problem that can not be ignored. After a long period of research, Tesla introduced the Sentinel model. Tesla is pushing for a new software upgrade that allows drivers to view videos of the Tesla Cam and Sentry Mode directly from their cars, according tomedia reports.

Sentinel mode is an integrated surveillance system in Tesla’s car that is monitored using the camera of Autopilot’s self-driving system. The system, formerly known as the Tesla Cam (an early integrated dashcam system), has a sentry Mode-like feature.

This monitoring system can effectively identify the appearance of vandals and leave video evidence for police to solve cases.

To activate the Tesla Cam and Sentinel mode features, the owner must insert a storage device inside their Tesla and activate the features in the settings. The process is very simple, but watching the video can be complicated.

Because the Dash Viewer overrides the records of each camera so that the owner never watches a particular incident from an angle. The owner must unplug the storage device and connect it to another device, computer, phone, or tablet, to watch video files one by one from each camera orientation.

Now, given that large screens are already installed in the car, that makes little sense. Apparently, Tesla has received feedback from owners, and the latest software update will allow it to view all video footage with the car.