Foreign Research: Parents and Children Disagree on The Treatment of Cyberbullying

According to foreign media, many parents in a recent Roblox study believetheir children are willing to discuss online bullying with him or her, but more than half of teenagers don’t seem willing to discuss the issue with their parents.

The Roblox study surveyed 3,500 American families and asked children between the ages of 7 and 17 and their parents, 93 percent of whom said they had discussed cyber bullying with their children at least occasionally, but 60 percent of teens thought their parents never seemed to raise similar issues. Not to mention whether there was any discussion.

Similarly, 91 per cent of parents said they would help their children if they had a cyber bullying problem, but only 26 per cent of teenagers said they could do it. It is worth mentioning that many teenagers are more willing to tell their own problems to the game platform than their parents, or to talk to other players in the game. In addition, some teenagers are willing to tell other adults about these things.

A Roblox spokesman said: “Today’s network environment is vast and it’s a place that’s prone to fear. For adults who can’t grow up with the digital age, more attention needs to be paid to the network of this generation of children. Each parent needs to pay attention to the various things their child encounters on the Internet, build a more open and trusting relationship with the child, and give timely help when the child encounters difficulties. “

Foreign Research: Parents and Children Disagree on The Treatment of Cyberbullying

Interestingly, many parents and children have some concerns about online bullying, with 91% of parents and 77% of teenagers saying that online bullying can have a negative impact on children of our time. Moreover, from the results of this study, many teenagers have encountered cyber bullying within a year.

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