15999 Samsung Galaxy Fold Second Round online Resold: 8 pm Tonight

Following the sale of the domestic first online channel in 5 minutes on November 8, today at 10:00, Samsung Galaxy Fold second round limited buy-to-let, 12GB plus 512GB version of 15999 yuan, a total of quantum black and night fog silver two colors to choose from.

Continuing the boom, Samsung’s online marketplace and Samsung Galaxy Fold in The Samsung Mobile Flagship store spree of Tmall, JD.com and Suning sold out as soon as it hit the shelves.

15999 Samsung Galaxy Fold Second Round Full Net Resold: 8 pm Hand Slow Tonight

The good news is that at 20:00 tonight, Samsung Restocking is ready for a back-to-back rush, with friends who don’t care to snap up Samsung Galaxy Fold during the day, and there’s a chance to “pull the grass” at night.

At present, many of the first-time online rush to Samsung Galaxy Fold users have also been sunbathing their own “trophy.” Many of them say samsung Galaxy Fold is exciting both in appearance and experience, especially for the Galaxy Fold, which can be folded up for everyday use of the phone and turned on as a tablet for an immersive experience.

15999 Samsung Galaxy Fold Second Round Full Net Resold: 8 pm Hand Slow Tonight

As Samsung’s first product to use folding screen technology, the Galaxy Fold’s 7.3-inch home screen features a new polymer layer, the Polyimide Film, a ground-breaking, innovative screen material that makes Samsung’s Galaxy Fold’s home screen half the thickness of a regular phone screen. While being flexible and durable, it also maintains an ultra-high visual level, and is Samsung’s largest mobile phone display to date.

The Galaxy Fold external display switches smoothly between the main display. Through the external display, the user can handle daily such as answering calls, replying to messages, and some of the necessary operations commonly used, while through the expanded main display, the user can get a wider visual effect, and more suitable for complex operations, such as drawing.

In addition, samsung Galaxy Fold’s main display can also view the content of three APPS at the same time, such as watching online video, while chatting with friends, but also browse the web, is currently the only support for three APP simultaneously split-screen reality products.

Core configuration, the Galaxy Fold is equipped with qualcomm Dragon 855 flagship platform, with UFS 3.0 flash memory, a battery capacity of 4380mAh, and a built-in artificial intelligence platform, Bixby, with six cameras.

Not only the domestic market, in the first landing in The Korean market, as well as landing in India, Europe, the United States, Asia-Pacific market, Samsung Galaxy Fold once listed by consumers snapped up, now the domestic hot sell-out situation, but also once again confirmed the Samsung Galaxy Galaxy Fold’s innovation and differentiation are a distinct advantage in the market.

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