where do people drink the most? Report shows Russia is ranked seventh

Lithuania has the highest per capita alcohol consumption, averaging 12.3 litres per capita per capita, according to a report released in November by the Economic Development and Cooperation Organization Health Bulletin, the Ria novosti reported. According to reports, Russia is still among the “top 10 drinking” countries, with 11.1 liters in seventh place.

The chart shows that in 2007, Russia’s alcohol consumption was the highest in the world, but has since decreased significantly.

Lithuania was followed by Austria, where the average annual average was 11.8 litres of alcohol per capita and 11.7 litres per year in France. Rounding out the top five were the Czech Republic and Luxembourg, with 11.6 litres and 11.3 litres respectively.

In sixth place were two countries, Latvia and Ireland, with 11.2 litres of alcohol per capita per year. Hungary was seventh with Russia at 11.1 litres. Germany was eighth with 10.8 litres, Portugal ninth with 10.7 litres and Poland 10.6 litres.

According to the report, the “least drinkable countries” include Indonesia 0.3 litres, Turkey 1.4 liters, Israel 2.6 liters, India 3.0 liters and Costa Rica 3.8 liters.

It is reported that between 2007 and 2017, almost all of the countries surveyed per capita alcohol consumption has declined.

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