A huge asteroid is flying towards Earth.

Many people may not feel that, in fact, the Earth is almost always under the threat of asteroids, comets, and often dangerous objects whizz past the Earth. According to the latest news, an asteroid named 1998 OR2 is rushing toward Earth. It is estimated to be 1.8-4.1 km in diameter and fly at a speed of 31,000 km/h. If it hits the earth, the consequences will be devastating.

Fortunately, it will pass 6.2 million kilometers from Earth, about 16 times the average distance from Earth to the moon, which is not a far way through the vast universe.

If the weather is good, you can see it with a small telescope.

A huge asteroid is flying towards Earth.3月20日拍摄的1998 OR2,两次间隔10分钟

NASA has also fully mastered the orbital parameters of 1998 OR2, located between Earth and Mars, the next time will pass over The Earth on May 18, 2031, when the distance will be extended to 19 million kilometers, followed by the encounter with Earth will be in 2048, 2062, and by April 16, 2079, only 1.8 million kilometers away from us.

Currently, there are an estimated 25,000 larger asteroids that may meet Earth, but only one-third have been found so far.

A huge asteroid is flying towards Earth.

1998 OR2 Track

A huge asteroid is flying towards Earth.

Arrow sits at 1998 OR2, pictured on March 24