“GTA5” Mike Actor: Don’t believe the GTA6 rumors on the Internet

According tomedia GameRant, the voice actors of Mike and Franklin in the “GTA5” game were streamed live, during which the two talked about the previously crazy “GTA6.” Let’s hear their opinion. “GTA5” Mike’s voice actor Ned Luke reportedly refuted rumours that a YouTube UP host, Mr BossFTW, had been released on the air:

“Friends, don’t you understand, don’t believe what you saw online with the BossFTW or any other guy of any name. “

“MrBossFTW often posts GTA-related content on his YouTube channel, often containing rumors, regardless of their origin and reputation,” GameRant wrote in the report. Luke is therefore very dismissive of the UP owner.

Luke also singled out a rumor in the report that “GTA6 will happen in Vice City”, and Luke is apparently encouraging players not to believe the rumors about “City of Sin”, even though he is generally opposed to the rumors. “If you hear it from the R star, you know (it’s true). If you don’t hear it from the R star, all you know is sh.t. “

Of course, we don’t know where Ned Luke learned about the GTA6 project, and please follow the official R Star message.