Google Logo Big Change: “Segregation” To Persuade People Not To Go Out

On April 5th, in an effort to encourage people to protect themselves at home, Google Home launched a new doodle, and Logo siphoned home a colorful home. One of the fat Mr. G at home quiet reading growth knowledge, two OO is formed a band, a guitar accompaniment, a lead singing is not happy, g stay at home with e quietly telephone talk love, l is very serious in raising dumbbells exercise, with small animation, lookvery cute.

Google also has a line on its front page: “Stay at home, save lives, help defeat coronavirus.” Save Lives. Help stop coronavirus). “

The outbreak has also hit Google hard, with many staff forced to work remotely from home and Chrome and Chrome OS temporarily suspended.

But Google has done its best to make a contribution, with Sundar Pichai, google’s chief executive, saying last month in the US local time that the company would work with partner Magid GLove and Safety to produce and donate 2m to 3m masks in the coming weeks, and create a “$200m investment fund” to provide loan support to small businesses.