Custom A77 Core/7nm process:Qualcomm snapDragon 865 coming soon

Qualcomm announced the launch of its flagship platform at the SnapDragon 865 next month at the snapDragon Technology Summit in Hawaii, according to The Phone Arena. Foreign media pointed out that the Dragon 865-based Samsung 7nm EUV process process, based on ARM’s top-of-the-line Cortex A77 CPU custom core design, integrated with the new Adreno GPU, support for LPDDR5 memory.

Custom A77 Core/7nm Qualcomm Dragon 865 coming soon

Previously suspected snapDragon 865 equipment appeared in GeekBench run sub-site, single-core score of 4250, multi-core results as high as 13300.

Qualcomm expects to ship 175 billion to 225 million 5G phones by 2020, 10 times faster than 4G downloads, the report said.

More importantly, 5G will create new industries. Officials stress that Qualcomm played an important role in the 5G era. The company announced last week that more than 230 devices using 5G modems were in development or on the market in the third quarter (July-September).

Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf said: ‘We are pleased with what we have achieved in 2019 and Qualcomm will continue to invest and prepare for the long-term 5G growth of the future.’

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