Lexus ‘s first pure electric model is about to make its Chinese debut

Today (November 11), Lexus officially released a preview of its first all-electric model. It also said the car will open on November 22nd, the world premiere of the 2019 Guangzhou Motor Show, the new car is mainly for the Chinese market and the European market.

The official trailer shows the details of the new car’s back door panel and side skirt, which is completely painted in blue, with a darker colour scheme and a silver “ELECTRIC” logo that shows its pure electric identity.

Referring to the LF-30 concept car, I hope Lexus’ first all-electric car design can be bold, to bring us a smart, technological, unique electric car.

There is no further information on the new car’s power, but it is expected to follow the powertrain of the C-HR EV model, which has already been launched in China, and will need to be confirmed by the authorities.

It is understood that Lake has previously said that the first pure electric car will be launched in November 2019, followed by the HEV, PHEV, EV and fuel cell models will be developed and landed. It is expected that by 2025, all of its models will be available in an electrified version, and sales of electrified models will exceed those of the drive-driven fuel-powered models.

Lexus’s first pure-electric concept car LF-30

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