Xiaomi 10 Pro International Accused of Mockingdon Huawei’s Absence of Google Apps

In response to the sudden market change, the company has turned to the domestic market to boost device sales in response to the absence of Android and Google app support over the past 11 months,media reported, while seeking advice on how to pass the U.S. ban.

Xiaomi 10 Pro International Accused of Mockingdon Huawei's Absence of Google Apps

While Chinese handset makers have shown their support for Huawei, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve given up the chance not to compete with them. Recently, a report by Gizmo China reported that the company used the Mi 10 Pro packaging to attack Huawei. That said, Xiaomi taunted Huawei’s phone, which doesn’t have a Google app, on the box of the new device– “The Mi 10 Pro has easy access to the Google apps you use so often.”

Last May, the U.S. banned Huawei from using products developed by U.S. companies. Under the sanctions, Huawei will no longer be allowed to install Android and Google apps on its devices, forcing the Chinese tech giant to consider a range of alternatives, including developing its own.

In response, Hua began actively investing in its own app store, and while the project is going well, the company recently reiterated that it is still willing to use the Google app if the U.S. government agrees.

At the same time, the lack of Google apps is clearly worrying some potential customers, especially in the international market where Google’s services are so popular.

Huawei still hopes that the U.S. ban will be lifted at some point in the future, but at the same time it will continue to invest in alternative product development so that it can survive in the mobile market without Google’s support.