Windows 10 2004 will be updated with new features

According tomedia reports, Windows 10 2004 may soon be released, because Microsoft may end the RTM build at any time, but here is a company itself has not announced a last-minute change. The next Windows 10 feature update will come with a brand new Windows update notification that will be displayed when a new update is waiting to be installed.

Windows 10 2004 will be updated with new features

If the user does not interact with it, the notification also moves to Action Center and provides a range of additional options such as restarting the computer immediately, restarting the computer at night, or selecting an hour to restart.

In addition, the notification includes a visual suggestion to insert a device so that the device does not run out of battery when the update is installed — potentially breaking the operating system and preventing the computer from starting.

Windows 10 2004 is the next major update to Windows 10, and Microsoft is expected to release the RTM version to insiders as early as this month.

The version number itself indicates that the update is expected to be completed this month — 20 for 2020 and 04 for April.

At this point, the new version has locked in features, which means Microsoft only polishes it at the last minute before it starts to go officially.

Although there is no official announcement, Microsoft is expected to release it in the near future.