Zoom CEO Responds to Platform Security and Privacy Issues: “We’ve Made Mistakes”

Zoom CEO Eric S. Yuan told CNN in an interview Sunday local time that the company’s intentions were good despite recent security concerns,media reported. “We’re moving too fast … We made some mistakes. We learned our lesson and took a step back to focus on privacy and security. “

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Yaun said that as a CEO, he had a poor job and felt he had a “responsibility to win back the trust of his users”.

The video conferencing platform had been in turmoil after Yuan acknowledged the error. Zoom’s use has skyrocketed as a result of the outbreak of a new crown pandemic. In an April 1 blog post, Yuan wrote that the company had 200 million daily meeting participants in March, up from 10 million in December.

Zoom has been the target of harassment known as Zooming, where unwelcome guests invade meetings. It was so spooked by security issues that the company announced on April 2that it was suspending its feature update for 90 days and instead focusing all its energy on privacy and security developers.

But some school districts, including New York City, have banned videoconferencing platforms that can be used for online courses because of security concerns about Zoom, the Washington Post reported. The New York City Department of Education told teachers that they should nuns should not use Zoom or microsoft Teams, the app’s competitor, the Washington Post reported.

“We’re still working with them,” Yuan said Sunday of the New York school system. He added: “We want Zoom to be a privacy and security-first company. “