“5G new crown virus” too anti-smart YouTube will ban restrictions on related videos

April 6 (UPI) — Video site YouTube said it would reduce the number of videos it recommends to users on its platform because it falsely claimed that the current spread of new coronavirus pneumonia was linked to 5G technology, according tomedia reports. The site said it would remove video content that violated its platform policy. However, other content on the subject of 5G conspiracy theories, which does not mention the outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia, may be allowed to remain on the video site as “marginal content.”

However, these videos can be restricted and removed from the site’s search results.

In the past week, at least seven mobile signal towers have been set alight in the UK, compared with four in the past 24 hours. These mobile signal towers were artificially set alight because of claims that the new outbreak of coronavirus pneumonia is linked to 5G technology, which emits 5G signals. These were set alight, and even one was not a 5G signal tower.

A YouTube spokesman told the Guardian that the site had a “clear policy prohibiting videos that promote medically unproven methods to prevent new coronaviruses without seeking medical attention.” The site also says it has begun to reduce recommendations for fringe content such as the conspiracy theory linking 5G to the new coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, which could mislead users in harmful ways.