How do I make a ventilator with auto parts? Tesla demo shows you

BEIJING, April 6 (Xinhua) — In response to the crisis of the new corona pneumonia outbreak, Tesla And a group of automakers have revamped production facilities to make ventilators. Tesla released a video today showing the behind-the-scenes ventilator design process. Like Ford and General Motors, Tesla engineers are using auto parts to make ventilators.

How do I make a ventilator with auto parts? Tesla demo shows you

The reason is simple: auto parts are ready-made. Car companies like to stock up on parts for assembly, and if they don’t, even a doorknob can shut down a production line. As a result, Tesla engineers say in the video that they will use as many auto parts as possible when making ventilators.

For example, the video shows that the Tesla Ventilator uses the Model 3’s infotainment system to drive the Model 3 on-board computer, which is then used to control the airflow. An air tank of a car suspension system is used as an oxygen mixing chamber for a ventilator. In other automotive parts applications, Tesla also uses the Model 3 touch screen as the controller for the ventilator.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently announced that his New York plant will soon reopen to produce ventilators, perhaps the one shown in the video.

Tesla is one of several U.S. automakers that have pledged to produce more ventilators by donating supplies or providing resources. In addition to Tesla, Ford has partnered with General Electric to expand production of ventilators and use autonomous resources to produce ventilators, respirators and protective masks. GM plans to produce ventilators at its Indiana auto plant and announced in the near future that it will soon be able to produce 50,000 masks a day.