Microsoft may delay release of Xbox Series X game console

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer says the Xbox Series X launch has not been delayed by the coronavirus, but things are still evolving. Microsoft’s team’s safety and product quality are top of the table, so the global pandemic may still change the console’s original launch plans. The executive said the current global outbreak does not mean that the planned release date will be delayed, but he did not specify what the date would be, and it was clear that safety was a priority until it was released as scheduled.

The Xbox Series X should be the hottest product of the year, and under normal circumstances, it will be a priority for gamers and consumers during the holiday season. However, 2020 is not a normal year, as the outbreak of the new coronavirus has dramatically changed people’s daily lives. In many countries of the world, streets are empty and people are asked to stay indoors for as long as possible. But closures and segregation measures affect the way people work. Not everyone can work from home, and millions of people lose their jobs in just a few weeks. These factors may hinder the launch of the Xbox Series X and any other product.

Xbox head Phil Spencer said in a new interview that the Xbox Series X release schedule has not changed. The Xbox Series X series should still be on the shelves this winter. But at the same time, he made it clear that there was no guarantee. Team safety comes first, and product quality is important. These factors are likely to change the xbox Series X series launch schedule.

Pragmatically, says Spencer Phil, China’s supply chain is starting to return. But for Microsoft, the problem may not be just to make Xbox Series X hardware in China, but the development work is continuing, but it’s in the staff’s home to build a video game from home, which is not easy for a large distributed team of hundreds of people. In addition, Microsoft to ensure that there is enough time for platform technology testing, which is currently working from home for employees can not successfully complete the test, things may change, if a product is not ready, Microsoft does not want to rush to achieve.

Spencer Phil has not disclosed the release date of the Xbox Series X.

Microsoft may delay release of Xbox Series X game console