Google Play Marketplace Test New Interface Remove “Installed” and “Library” sub-tabs

Google is testing an update for the Play Store app marketplace, and plans to remove the Installed and Library options from the My Apps and Games page to make the interface look cleaner.

The Installed tab on the Play Store contains a list of all the apps installed on your current Android device, while the Library contains a list of all the apps and games you install on all Android devices connected to your Google account.

The latter is especially useful, if you can’t remember the name of an app you’ve installed, it can help you find apps and games you’ve installed on your previous Android devices. However, it seems that the two tabs are not being used too much by users, which may be why Google deleted them.

It’s unclear how Google will allow users to view the app sets they previously installed on the Play Store if the “Library” section is removed. Google is rolling out the change in the form of a server-side update, though it’s unclear whether this is part of the company’s A/B testing.