iPhone 9 appears on Verizon’s trade-in page expected to be released in April

It’s no secret that the iPhone 9 (or SE 2) will be released in April. More information about the iPhone 9 has appeared on the e-commerce page, one in Jd.

iPhone 9 appears on Verizon's trade-in page expected to be released in April

From the JD.com interface, the store opening the iPhone 9 pre-sale is not Apple official, but a third-party store. The pre-sale interface at this third-party store shows that the iPhone 9 is a blind link to support additional collections. At present, the store is only on the iPhone 9 this product, did not disclose any photo and parameter information, but the product page shows that after placing the order in May 01 to May 10, in other words, the iPhone 9 will be officially released in April, according to previous lying news, April 15 is the most likely date.

iPhone 9 appears on Verizon's trade-in page expected to be released in April

The word iPhone 9 appears on Verizon’s trade-in page. Macrumors analysis, because Apple is about to launch the iPhone 9, the plan should be related to the recycling of the first generation of the iPhone SE.

Last week, the new iPhone’s screen protector was also on Apple’s official website. Although the name “iPhone SE” is the same as before, it’s worth noting that the new protective film also applies to the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7, both of which have 4.7 inches of screen size and the older iPhone SE screen size of just 4.0 inches. It also confirms from the side that the new iPhone SE does exist and may also be named the iPhone SE.

According to previous revelations, the iPhone 9 is basically the same design as the iPhone 8, with a 4.7-inch screen on the front, and the classic Touch ID feature will be retained.

By specification, the iPhone 9 will be fitted with the iPhone 11 A13 chip, which comes with 3GB of memory, 64GB start ingestand and a maximum of 256GB.

As for the price, the iPhone 9 is likely to cost $399 (64GB) from the iPhone SE, with a domestic price of around $3,000, making it the cheapest model currently available for the iPhone and one of the cheapest iPhones ever sold.

The iPhone 9 was released in April, and the only suspense is the question of time, withmedia predicting last week that the iPhone 9 would be released on April 5th, which turned out to be a oolong. Taken together with current information, the iPhone 9 is most likely to be released on April 15.