Windows 10 Roadmap 2020: The highlight is Windows 10X

The 2020 Windows 10 system update roadmap is basically clear, the development of 20H1 is now over, the focus at this stage will be on BUG repair and back-end optimization. The 20H2, which goes live in the second half of the year, will adopt the same strategy as 19H2 and can be considered an oversized cumulative update. And the biggest look this year is the Windows 10X system that came with Surface Neo.

Windows 10 Version 2004 (20H1)

Unlike the Windows 10 November 2019 feature update (1909), Windows 10 Version 2004 brings a number of blockbuster new features, specifically to view previous articles posted on this site.

Windows 10 Roadmap 2020: The highlight is Windows 10X

Microsoft is currently focusing on making Windows 10 Version 2004 more stable and fluid, and is expected to release it next month. The upcoming 20H1 feature update will focus on substantial improvements and quality improvements, including improvements to existing features such as “Reset this PC”.

Windows 10 Roadmap 2020: The highlight is Windows 10X

In the latest preview to date, Windows 10 Version 2004 updates include performance improvements, a new Cortana experience, WSL 2, the updated tablet experience, new optional update pages, driver compatibility improvements, reduced CPU and disk usage, new app icons, two new features in Task Manager, and more.

Windows 10 20H2

After the release of 20H1, 20H2 will no longer focus on the introduction of new features, but will be fully modified and optimized for 20H1. Currently, the 20H2 branch version focuses on quality improvement, but also offers some smaller new features.

From the recent Build version, there are several potential features that are intriguing. For example, Windows Search is acquiring a new algorithm that allows it to start the indexing process when you are not actively using the PC.

Windows 10 Roadmap 2020: The highlight is Windows 10X

In this update, we’ll also see some minor adjustments to the various UI elements. The temporary beta build also further hints at what will appear this year or next. Microsoft, for example, has begun developing new volume control taskbar features, modern disk management tools, and control panel removal programs.

Windows 10X

The 2020 play is naturally the Windows 10X system that will be on the surface with The Surface Neo, and Microsoft is actively testing the new system internally.

The first change you notice in Windows 10X is the brand new Start menu. It no longer includes live tiles that are common on Windows 8/10 and windows Phone, and has a cleaner design.

Windows 10 Roadmap 2020: The highlight is Windows 10X

The Windows 10X Start menu contains fixed applications and a list of recent documents. The entire look look looks more like the current task launcher, allowing users to search for applications, documents, and even web content, which also supports basic voice input. However, Cortana’s settings were not found in the settings for Windows 10X.

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