Nvidia joins Supercomputing Alliance to help fight COVID-19

With the pandemic of the new coronavirus, many technology companies, scholars, and government agencies around the world are also actively conducting research on COVID-19 therapies. To accelerate the research process, the Supercomputing Alliance, made up of industry, academia and federal agencies, has also welcomed the latest addition of GPA industry giant Nvidia. The alliance aims to leverage powerful computing power to enable researchers to find faster detection of COVID-19, as well as potential containment and treatments.

Nvidia joins Supercomputing Alliance to help fight COVID-19

Video Screenshot (from: ORNL Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

The company’s task force of computer scientists has interdisciplinary expertise in drug discovery, molecular dynamics, genomics, medical imaging, supercomputing, data analysis, and more, the company said.

Led by Ian Buck, Vice President and General Manager, Accelerated Computing, the GPU manufacturer will also leverage its unique experience in artificial intelligence (AI) to support Supercomputing Alliances to process data faster and optimize hardware throughput.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, it said, the Supercomputing Alliance was the equivalent of launching the Apollo program for a new era. Because this is not only a technical competition, but also a war against disease.

Researchers enlist sin-summit summit to combat coronavirus (via)

The current GPU supercomputing is the equivalent of an Apollo-era rocket ship, and fuel is the scientific knowledge gathered by experts from all walks of life. Nvidia hopes to use these tools to provide the fastest possible research boost.

CoVID-19 researchers are known to have access to a portion of the Supercomputing Alliance’s 30-set system platforms, exceeding 402 Peta-Flops (covering 105334 nodes / 3539044 CPU cores / 41286 GPUs).

Existing alliance members include IBM, Amazon, AMD, Google, HP, Microsoft and other companies from the technology sector, the full list is available on the official website.