iOS 14 Home Screen widget if this you like it?

Over the weekend,media reported that Apple was “developing real widgets for the first time on the home screen of the iPhone and iPad” in iOS 14. Now that foreign netizen Parker Ortolani has brought a new concept design, let’s take a look.

iOS 14 Home Screen widget if this you like it?

Parker’s concept depicts a “SpringKit” framework for developers to use when creating widgets for the iPhone home screen. In this case, the developer can select three different types of home screen views for their app:

Classic static icon

A new real-time icon that can display data or buttons

Full-size widgets

For example, the built-in weather app can provide a real-time icon that is slightly larger than a normal app icon that displays outdoor temperature and weather conditions. The Fitness Records app also offers full-size widgets that show the day’s sports rings.

iOS 14 Home Screen widget if this you like it?

In addition, Parker’s SpringKit concept allows third-party developers to take advantage of home screen widgets. For example, apps like Overcast can add play menu widgets on the home screen, making it easier to find and play the latest podcasts in your library.

As we pointed out over the weekend, these widgets in iOS 14 will be very different from the currently fixed widgets in iPad OS 13. Crucially, the iOS 14 widget can move freely on the home screen, just like an app icon. Is this kind of iOS 14, do you expect?