CDC: Official death toll from new crown pneumonia may be lower than actual

The U.S. is now in its deadliest week, with the number of confirmed cases and deaths from new coronary pneumonia expected to peak in the coming days,media reported. Health experts and government officials have warned that the official death toll from the virus has become more dire after monday’s announcement that the death toll from the new U.S. crown pneumonia exceeded 10,500.

CDC: Official death toll from new crown pneumonia may be lower than actual

To be sure, the actual figure can be higher than the figure. “We know that (the numbers) are understated,” Said Kristen Nordlund, a spokesman for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, referring to the current number of deaths in the United States. “

In addition, many epidemiologists, forensics, funeral homes and nursing home representatives told the media that countless people have died early in the outbreak of the new coronavirus in the United States. The problem still exists in places where resources and people, such as nursing homes, are inadequate.

In addition, some medical examiners believe that testing the deceased for the virus is a waste because it could have been used to detect people who were alive. And even if people do test, they sometimes get false negative results.

Clay Marsh, vice president and executive dean of health scienceatis at the University of West Virginia, told the media: “Based on recent information about limited tests and a large number of false negative tests, we may have underestimated the number of deaths. “