(Pictured) Firefox 75 Stable Is Available for Download

For all supported desktop platforms such as Windows, Linux and macOS, Mozilla released firefox 75 stable updates. The download link is currently available on the official server, but the company has not released an update log, but the new version apparently contains all the features previously tested, including the recent security fix for version 74.

(Pictured) Firefox 75 Stable Is Available for Download

Download address: http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/75.0/win64/zh-CN/

Despite the impact of the outbreak on the pace of chromium’s update, Mozilla has steadily pushed firefox updates as planned. And it’s worth noting that Firefox 75 is Mozilla’s first browser version since it announced the launch of a faster update. Now, Mozilla plans to launch a new major version of Firefox every four weeks, compared with six weeks ago.

In other words, we’ll get new major Firefox updates faster than ever before, but on the other hand, the number of major improvements in each new release will be significantly reduced. One notable improvement in Firefox 75 is the address bar, which was released in a beta update released on March 10.

“With Firefox’s redesigned address bar, type less and find more,” Mozilla said at the time. Now, just select the address bar and expand a box with links to your top-level sites. The redesigned interface provides a focused, clean search experience and is optimized for smaller screens. “