Microsoft unveils new Windows 10 Start menu in latest tweet

It’s no secret that Microsoft is redesigning the start menu for the company’s Windows 10 operating system. While it’s unclear whether features such as Live Tiles will stay, one of the upcoming feature updates for Windows 10 is the introduction of a redesign of the Start menu. Microsoft today unveiled a clip on its official design department’s Twitter account highlighting the evolution of the Windows 10 start menu.

Most interestingly, the company provided an image of the redesigned Start menu and said it plans to introduce a redesigned Start menu in the upcoming Windows 10 feature update.

Microsoft unveils new Windows 10 Start menu in latest tweet

This animated clip, created by the Windows design team, shows the evolution of the sUX and the modernisation of the Windows experience.

The new Start menu is very different from the Start menu used in the current version of Windows 10, and notable changes include a wider list of applications and changes to tiles, such as omitting titles that appear on medium-sized blocks.

So far, most of the user’s comments have been positive, with those critical of the Windows 10 start menu redesign focusing on the reluctance to see the text tags removed, arguing that Microsoft needs to make sure that the default style of the rest of the system matches the design.

It’s unclear whether deleting the title is necessary, and removing the title will certainly cause some confusion for the app’s identification, especially if the app uses a similar icon, but users can still identify the app by hovering over the tile or switching the mouse to a large tile for an important app.

As for the Live Tiles feature, it still seems to be supported for the time being, as several applications in the redesigned Start Menu show dynamic content.