U.S. law firm Holzer investigates Edge: or violation of federal securities laws

On April 8,media reported that the U.S. law firm Holzer and Holzer were investigating Aichi to see if it complied with federal securities laws. According tomedia reports, short-sing agency Wolfpack Research published a report on its website, “The Netflix of China?” According to Good Luckin, Aichi had been cheating long before the 2018 IPO and had been doing so ever since.

U.S. law firm Holzer investigates Edge: or violation of federal securities laws

The report says they estimate that Aichi has inflated its 2019 revenue by about 27-44 percent and its user base by about 42 to 60 percent. In addition, the report states that fraud was concealed from auditors and investors “by burning false cash that does not exist”.

Meanwhile, another short-selling company, Muddy Waters, has been shorting Edge after Wolfpack Research released the report.

Aichi responded that its references and conclusions were grossly false and did not correspond to the actual situation. Ai qiyi said that as a responsible public company, all financial and operational data disclosed by the Company is true, in accordance with SEC requirements, the Company strongly denies all false allegations, and reserves the right to sue the law.

Aichi’s shares closed up 3.22 per cent at $17.3 00 after the US agency was shorted.

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