Bill Gates thinks new U.S. crown virus death toll will be lower than expected

According tomedia BGR, the global health care situation is one of the many causes that Bill Gates is focusing on through his charitable foundation, so he naturally has a lot to say about the current pandemic of the new coronavirus— about the U.S. response, its timeline, and what the final death toll will be. In line with his prediction smodeled at the Reddit AMA meeting a few weeks ago— he believes the U.S. could turn around if the U.S. implements widespread closures. But he now estimates that the death toll from the new coronavirus in the United States will not be as bad as the latest White House figures.

Bill Gates thinks new U.S. crown virus death toll will be lower than expected

U.S. President Donald Trump said just a few days ago that between 100,000 and 240,000 people in the country were expected to die from new coronary pneumonia if protected. “Well, if we keep our social distance properly, we should be able to get out of this situation, and the death toll will be much lower than expected,” Gates told Fox News Sunday. “

“It’s a nightmare scenario because human-to-human respiratory viruses can multiply, ” he says. “You know, if we continue to work and travel as we used to, you know, that curve will never flatten until a large number of people get infected, and then a lot of people seek treatment for treatment and a lot of deaths.” “

Gates also suggested that the response should be at the national level, not at the state or local level. So far, the charges have been led by the governor, and in some cases, they claim that the people of Washington are not being properly served. “When you have limited resources, you need to allocate them where you need them most,” Gates said. Of course, because people move around the country, we have to close it up or you’ll multiply. It will spread back to the rest of the country. Gates noted that some states have more resources, while others are hit harder, which requires a response from the federal government.

Gates points out that the current crisis can serve as a learning experience to better prepare the world for future pandemics that could be more severe. “I’m sure you know that once we get over this, we’ll go back and know that we can do something different and make sure we don’t let it happen again, especially because it could lead to worse deaths.” “