New coronavirus expert explains why hand washing with soap is better than hand sanitizer

According tomedia reports, since the new coronavirus began to sweep the world, there is a protective measure has been repeatedly mentioned: hand washing. It’s a simple piece of advice that believes people start hearing it from an early age, but why is it so important now in the face of the global viral crisis?

New coronavirus expert explains why hand washing with soap is better than hand sanitizer


The simple answer is “because it works”, but why soap or hand sanitizer is so effective against the new coronavirus, it may be explained by Dr. Gregory Poland, director of the vaccine research group at the Mayo Clinic and an infectious disease expert.

In a short question-and-answer session published by the Mayo Clinic News Network, Poland revealed the relationship between viruses, skin and soap.

Q: Why is it best to wash hands with soap and water?

A: Viruses will stick to them because you have oil stains on your hands. They have a static charge. But when you wash your hands with soap, there’s something in the soap that lowers the surface tension so you wash the virus out of your body by rubbing it. This is the most effective method we know. That’s why surgeons wash their hands very carefully before entering the operating room. It works, and it works very well.

Simply put, soap is very effective in removing viruses from the skin, but people have to wash their hands with the right force and the right way. This means that you should take care of the back of your hand, your nails and every corner and crevice for at least 20 seconds.

As for the role that hand sanitizer can play in preventing the spread of the virus, Poland has some suggestions.

Q: What about hand sanitizer?

A: The second good is hand sanitizer. If you have mucus or dirt on your hands, hand sanitizer can’t penetrate;

If you choose to use hand sanitizer, make sure it contains at least 60% alcohol in order to effectively kill the virus and ensure that adequate hand sanitizer is applied.