Britain’s big four operators jointly issue disader reject ‘new crown virus linked to 5G’ rumours

April 8, according tomedia reports, The UK’s four major operators have jointly issued a letter refuting the “new crown virus and 5G-related” rumors. Previously, such rumours spread that the new coronavirus was spread through a 5G base station, so a base station in Birmingham was burned (though the base station only provides LTE services). And then more base stations were burned, and the damage was great.

Britain's big four operators jointly issue disader reject 'new crown virus linked to 5G' rumours

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In a joint statement, eE, O2, Three and Vodafone, the UK’s four largest operators, said telecommunications networks were important in the outbreak prevention and control operation, providing the necessary communications services and providing a bridge between separated families and teachers and students.

Operators say there is no scientific basis for the claim that the “new corona virus is related to 5G”, that arson has damaged vital infrastructure and that intimidation of engineers has hampered the necessary network maintenance.

The big four operators are encouraging people to help stop the vandalism, which they can report if they know it.

To stem the spread of fake news, YouTube, Google’s video site, said it would take down videos linked to the new corona virus and 5G, citing “unconfirmed medical content”.

At present, the main route of transmission of the new coronavirus is considered to be transmitted by respiratory droplets and contact, in a relatively closed environment for long periods of time exposure to high concentrations of aerosols in the presence of the possibility of spread by aerosols.