Mozilla releases Firefox 75 software update as it does

Many companies have slowed their software development progress as a result of the global pandemic of COVID-19, caused by the new coronavirus. However, Mozilla’s engineers still overcame work difficulties and released the Firefox 75 browser software update as a matter of contract. After the upgrade, you’ll find that the URL address bar enables a smarter, faster search.

Mozilla releases Firefox 75 software update as it does

This update also brings support for web PKI certificate caches, Flatpak packages for Linux, and Direct Posit on Windows.

Firefox 75.0 Download Address:

First, the URL address bar: Mozilla introduced design improvements to this component and optimized the screen for smaller notebooks that year.

When you click for the first time, the new address bar lists the top-ranked sites for quick navigation.

If you want to resolve issues related to the software itself, Mozilla will also present the solution in the URL.

And Firefox 75.0 modifies the behavior of the address bar on the Linux platform to be consistent with other platforms.

Security: Mozilla adds support for locally cached Web PKI certification authorities to improve HTTPS compatibility with misconfigured Web servers while improving the overall security of the browser.

It should be noted that in the previous Firefox 74.0.1 change log, Mozilla indicated that two zero-day vulnerabilities had been fixed, but that some Linux users did not deploy updates in this area.

The good news is that with the release of Firefox 75, Mozilla has packaged the repair components into Flatpak, meaning Linux users can get updates or clean installations in a more timely manner.

Finally, Windows users have Direct Image support. It helps improve Firefox’s performance by delivering Web Render on a Windows 10 laptop with Intel core graphics.

Over the next few hours to a few days, the Windows and Mac version of the Firefox update package will be coming. Linux users should also keep an eye out for system updates or get the Flatpak package from Flathub.