Pac-Man may explain the merger of 2 giant spinning black holes

So far, scientists have detected gravitational waves from a combination of 10 black holes. They are trying to explain the cause of the largest black hole merger ever discovered because it runs counter to previous patterns. Scientists say the two black holes have higher spin and mass in the largest mergers found.

Scientist Rochard O’Shaughnessy has created simulations that explain the merger process. New research on the merger suggests that the merger takes place outside the supermassive black hole at the center of the active galaxy’s core. Gas, stars, dust, and another black hole are trapped in an area around a supermassive black hole called a syvolum disk.

The team believes that black holes rotate around the disk, eventually colliding and merging to form a larger black hole, which in turn continues to devour the smaller black holes. This has led to supermassive black holes getting larger and larger, which Oshonisi calls the game “Pac-Man”. The team hopes to find features of large rotating black holes, which could help confirm their models. If their hypothesis is correct, the model could help better understand how the cosmic galaxy network formed, the team said.

The new model offers an attractive prospect for scientists in the field, the team said. The new model provides a way to detect the physical phenomena around a supermassive black hole that no other method can detect.

Bean Eater game may explain the merger of 2 giant spinning black holes

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